New Let Them Hang Print

Mentioned this at the end of last week, but it’s now been officially announced, the new Let Them Hang Print is a wicked collaborative piece from the following artists

  • Mau Mau
  • Dicy
  • (Graham) Paris
  • Mr Jago
  • China Mike
  • Eco
  • Mudwig
  • Ziml
  • Will Barras
  • Richt
  • Darren Groucutt
  • Xenz
  • Banksy
  • Nick Walker
  • What Collective?
  • Sickboy

It’s being done to celebrate 40 years in the printing trade of Paul who runs Screen One down on Jamaica Street, and has done printing for all of these guys at one point or another. The print’s been commissioned to go with the Drewett Neate auction, the preview of which is starting at the end of next week at the Ultralounge in Selfridges in London (sounds like there’s a lot of painting going on around and for this show too).

Have seen the piece in its rough form, and it’s wicked. Imagine the image in the previous blog, drawn by China Mike, then tagged/stencilled/surrealed and augmented with bloody great arrows by the artists involved. There are a load of other random little bits to it with special meaning to those involved, which are gonna be fun to spot and try to work out…

If you get to the auction preview in London, you can even pick yourself up an exclusive version of the print involving most of the artists contributing to it.

Hoping to bring you a sneak peak of at least part of the print as soon as poss. It’s gonna be a classic…


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12 responses to “New Let Them Hang Print

  1. Craig

    This sounds awesome, a trip up to Ultralounge for me I think.

  2. grumpy cunt!

    thats about right,
    a print about the history of screen one in bristol
    thats being sold in london so nobody from bristol can get hold of one!

  3. calm down!!!…..the london bit is the london bit – gotta be done, the main bit is the final 100 online through us at letthemhang – see what happens, have some patience!

  4. Bring it on. I personally think this is a great building a great idea to celebrate it in print.

    One Q, how they gonna fit everyone on it?? 🙂

  5. tommy norris

    dont forget tinker’s on it too ! !

  6. bristolgraffiti

    Is that that guy who has a posse? Round 5′ 10″, ’bout 174lbs? Wears tweed quite a bit if memory serves….

  7. John

    about 174lbs?! …. superb

  8. Roo

    Hey, Slightly off topic, but has anyone seen photographed the billboard piece on the wells rd by temple meads? It’s just over the bridge and 6 or 7 billboards have been blanked out with some lettering replacing the usual drabvertising. it reads – “Imagine a world without billboards – paris may 1968 – the revolution will not be televized – street art” or something very similair, I meant to take my camera on a trip into town today, I noticed it yesterday!
    Whether Banksy or not, it sure is an audacious piece!

  9. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, seen photos of that online, but if anyone’s got some they want to send in then do!

  10. John

    continuing the off-topic theme…

    does anyone remember the orange phone company bill board that was by worked by temple meads so the slogan read ‘life’s better without crap adverts’

    would *love* a picture of that

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