Xenz Piece On Ninetree Hill And New Paste Up

Bonkers this hasn’t been blogged yet, but for those of you who know your Bristol graf, you’ll know of this one anyway. It’s a massive Xenz piece from 2006, just slightly up Ninetree Hill off Stokes Croft.

A whole load of those exotic birds on a telegraph wire, here’s a long shot from the end of last year.

Close up on a section of it, check the perspective on the top of the wire, awesome.

More birds and a little butterfly too, this was probably all done in a disturbingly short space of time too…

One cute little addition to it, a couple of stenciled cats from Dan and a little food bowl for them, eying the birds hungrily. Sure you could read all sorts of things into it about biting Xenz and all that, but I just think it’s a really cool idea…

So, here are some shots of it from just the other week. There’s a newish paste up next to it now, as well as some random tagging starting to creep in. Funny, some girls were taking photos of it before i tool these ones, kinda like people queuing up to photograph the piece. Bristol hey?

BIt of an odd one this, a robot jesus on the cross with the phrase ‘ wir alle lieben wie roboter 😦 ‘ next to it. Our trusty german translator says this most likely means ‘we all love like robots’ but could perhaps mean ‘we’re all fucking like robots’ or ‘we’re fucking everyone like robots’. Make of that, and how it fits with the image, what you will.

Thought it might have been something to do with the influx of Berliners for the ‘Not A Penny’ show recently, but apparently it isn’t, and there’s also another one down by the Arnolfini if you’re down that way. Not seen it though…

Anyway, the Xenz wall ladies and gentleman. If you haven’t been to see it yet, then it’s well worth the jaunt.


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8 responses to “Xenz Piece On Ninetree Hill And New Paste Up

  1. That robot one isn’t that new in theory – if they all went up on the same day, it’s about 2 months old – one appeared just off Dean Lane (my picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/_saturnine/2336412977/) around March 14th and I wasn’t the first one to get to it either. Everyone on Flickr came to the consensus it was from Gundam Wing.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Awesome, ta dood, ‘new’ is a relatively movable feast in this area i guess!

  3. I like the perspective a lot

  4. hi, found your website after my first visit to graffiti art in bristol – my mates took me down and showed me this piece.

    the cats at the bottom – look REALLY like banksy little dog that’s roudn the corner from me here in brighton – what do you think? they look like sprayed stencils, not quite part of the lovely blue birds peice which grows out of them above.

    Sorry, I’m really new to this graffiti art so I don’t now what to say – I got interested in it all through setting up the logo painting video I’ve added here.

    Ilza in brighton

  5. bristolgraffiti

    No probs man, always good to hear of someone else with an interest! Wouldn’t be the first to suspect a stencil of being Banksy when it isn’t, happens a fair bit. The cats are definitely by Dan though, check his website, they’re on the first page!


  6. Olive

    the encroaching tags are kind of like tax. they signify “your art survives with our say so”. its the equivalent of parking your car in a rough area and a little kid saying ‘give me a quid to watch your car’. but it works both ways – without tags everywhere artists like Xenz couldn’t offer to tidy up peoples walls with some art. finally the paste ups are almost always done by art students looking for nothing more than an ‘urban’ backdrop for their work. thats why, more often than not, they place them straight over tags without a second thought for the taggers. its an ecosystem and i think, anything but ‘random’.

  7. This is probably the bestest and most favouritest piece in Bristol for me. Reckon it should be blogged about once a month, then maybe no one will ever paint over it, or sell it or whatever they do with art on walls these days….

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