9-11 update

Grateful to James Barlow in the comments for flagging this story up from Trym Tales.

Police have arrested 7 local teenagers in connection with a spate of graffiti in the Westbury on Trym and Henleaze areas.

Their work seems to have been centred around the tag “9-11 inside job” which has appeared on walls, pavements and exchange boxes for public phones. The repair bill for their work runs into thousands of pounds.

The arrests followed a member of the public who saw the youths committing an act of vandalism and photographed them. The police then followed up the evidence and took action. A combination of cautions and final warnings have been given to the 7 and, so far, no further graffiti has appeared in the area.

Surprised there were seven of them at it, though it was pretty comprehensively sprayed everywhere for a while, and it wasn’t really a tag they were spraying, more of a statement, but still, may put an end to this bit of graf for a while. Can’t say as i’ll miss it to be honest…

Original stories here and here


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5 responses to “9-11 update

  1. ozz

    Free the 9-11 7 !

  2. bristolgraffiti

    If only they’d been claiming that the bombings of the 7th of July in London were a conspiracy, so we could have had ‘free the 7-7 7!’.

  3. Oh, I saw that news the other day, but they just said it was “teenage vandals”, so I figured really nothing worth paying attention to. Seven of them + it being the 9/11 inside job kiddies. That’s a bit of a shame, made me smile. Good thing they’re young, eh?

  4. cord(tm)

    Ahhh well. End of an era.

  5. Criminal damage can be defended under the ‘lawful excuse’ circumstance. Like breaking down a neighbours door when there’s a fire. Six Greenpeace activists have just been let off at Maidstone Crown Court after damaging a coal fired power station with that defence. The Police couldn’t charge these boys as that would open a real can of worms for them I reckon. Ha ha.

    If anyone knows who these guys are, get them to get in contact, would love an interview for BBC5.tv.



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