Whole Building On Fairfax Street

Came across this building completely painted up the other day down on Fairfax Street in the centre. Know nothing whatever about it, anyone got any ideas?

Detail shot…


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7 responses to “Whole Building On Fairfax Street

  1. cord(tm)

    I saw them doing this last wednesday when I was parking in the galleries.

    2 men were painting when I went past. Was going to go and ask about it, but the girlfriend didnt want to.

  2. Jimbo

    Looks similar to the chamelion in that piece on the building in St Pauls that was done by Xenz and Nick Walker, TCF and Sickboy, and god knows who else….

  3. Bilko

    The chamelion on the frontline was painted by Feek. Rest of the wall by Paris and Dicy…

    The bit round the back was Nik Walker, Xenz and Jago i think…

  4. FM

    that chameleon is definitely not Feek’s style.

  5. Bananaman

    No – it is not. But the one on Grovsvenor Rd definately is…

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