PRSC Fundraiser Night

Meant to blog this during the week but didn’t get chance. Still, last Saturday was the fundraiser for the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft down at Jester’s on Cheltenham Road, and it was a really fun night.

Turned up and checked out the pieces nest to Jesters i’d seen being started earlier in the afternoon. Looking pretty cool, and still being finished off. Long day!

In the venue, Clayton Blizzard was doing his thing. Really like this guy, kinda like a modern day west country Billy Bragg. Jumped into the crowd at one point and did a crazy song completely acappella as well, which was pretty darn impressive. Go check him out if you get the chance, next Bristol gig’s at The Croft on 23rd May.

Stepped outside for a mo to try to get shots of the pieces on the side of the building next door. Really difficult with those bars in the way, should go back and try to put together a chopped up one at some point.

Bit of detail for you through the bars, Epok and Flx.

Still at it late into the evening…

Back in to enjoy the bands. Can’t remember what these guys were called but they were as cool as they were bonkers. Bluesy and dark Tom Waits style songs about vegetarianism.

Next up the Ruckus Collective, sometime readers of this blog and one of the best new bands i’ve seen for a long, long time. Funky, jazzy, rocky, dubby, all thrown together with some seriously talented musicians and some top Mc’ing. You have to go and see these guys. Been to see them again already since last Saturday on the strength of this gig.

The venue was great for this event, and throughout the night they were projecting PRSC related photos from, i imagine, Chris Chalkley’s massive collection. Forgotten how much good stuff there had been around Stokes Croft over the years, looks like Sickboy was the first person to hit those regularly repainted Jamaica Street boards judging from one photo. Even saw myself up there at one point, trippy.

With the crowds gone, tried to get some more photos of the pieces outside, bit dark, but not dreadful. Here’s Haka’s piece (the complete artist line up for this was Haka, Soka, Flx, Epok and Sepr by the way).

Another attempt at a decent photo of the pieces down that pathway, it’s not gonna happen is it…

A wicked night, roll on the next one!

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One response to “PRSC Fundraiser Night

  1. …a modern day west country Billy Bragg…

    Ouch! If that’s not fighting talk then I don’t know what is – you wanna watch it, he’s a big chap 😉

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