The Battle of Cumberland and Wapping Roads

A story sent in by good Mr KRS here, and one that’s probably got legs…

In common with pretty much everywhere in Bristol right now or over the last few years, the area around Cumberland and Wapping Roads (down by the Louisiana for those that know it) is currently getting redeveloped.

About a week ago the boards around the old gaol and the derelict buildings by it were finished and given a loving coat of white paint, a style of work reminiscent of those blank canvasses art shops do sell. So, unsurprisingly, people started using them as that.

For reasons best known to themselves though, the developers had someone on hand ready to paint out whatever went up with more white paint. So, people came back and painted more. These photos are of that point in this vicious cycle, but would imagine that the same cycle is being repeated on an almost daily basis

Originally here apparently was one of ‘them spermy things’, i suspect a C’est Bon eye on a stick, that’s been painted over. Looks like one of those ghosts to the left of the board too has been put up then painted out. Quite why someone’s painted a stick dood saying ‘not funny’ i don’t know, but maybe a response to the painting out.

Same spraycan, different and more random message.

Pretty clear what this one is saying innit…

Don’t recognise the style on this one, but it’s been badly painted out anyway. If you’re going to paint it out, at least do it properly!

So, what i don’t get, is why the developers are engaging themselves in such a pyhrric battle here. It’s most likely an approach inspired by the somewhat uninspired ‘broken windows/zero tolerance’ theory (an interesting counter argument to this approach is here for those who may be interested), but even then it misses the most obvious solution.

Bristol is full of great street artists. Lots of the city is getting painted by these people at the request of the site owners. The public seem to support this happening. So, why not offer these boards up as another PRSC style blank canvas? It’ll save time, money, heartache, brighten the area up and above all, most likely stop other graf going over the top of it.

No idea why they don’t take this approach, may give them a call to find out…


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