Guerrilla Galleries – May Show Preview

First of may events over the next week this, tomorrow (Thursday) night sees the opening of a new show at Guerrilla Galleries on Gloucester Road, and it’s looking pretty sweet. Here’s a bit of a teaser for you…

First up a bunch of work by Dosar. Took a while to find a canvas with a clear tag on it. So long in fact, entirely forgot to get a photo of the pieces themselves, duh! They’re really good though, will try to grab a shot another time to show you all.

There’s a bit of one of the Dosars on the top left there. The main three here though are by Slam, another London head. Tidy. Bit of a crap photo though annoyingly.

So, four really lovely pieces from Acerone of the TCF, all of well known people if you’re into those scenes, this one’s of Million Dan.

This one’s of a break dancer, didn’t catch the name.

Previewed on Let Them Hang before, this is a lovely China Mike. As it says on that site “It’s so tight it hardly looks like a painting, but it is; gouache, pen, and indian ink on card”, to which i can only add it looks better in the flesh.

Another China Mike, yet again so much better in the flesh. One of the best pieces in the show to my mind, but it’s so varied, you’ll have your own too…

Remember how Cheo turned a paint pen into an airbrush at Weapon of Choice a few months back? Well, he’s done it again, and this is a really ace piece, makes a change from the usual bright and colourful stuff too.

Thought this was pretty cute too…

Always with the different packaging approach isn’t he, you’ll have to go along to see what’s in these ones!

Now these surprised me, Lokey, on very fine form indeed…

…another couple in the same vein. Tidy.

Everywhere these 45RM owls now, aren’t they. Here’s some for this show, hanging out with a couple of their turtle friends too. No little owl canvasses this time round though sadly…

Is there anyone now without numbers in their name? These are by SPZER076, very, very tight pieces.

Loved these doods especially…

Another major painter up and down the Gloucester Road/Cheltenham Road/Stokes Croft at the moment, Sepr.

Those aren’t eyeballs, they’re skulls. Cool. Go check out his work in ‘Start the Bus‘ on Corn Street too if you’re in the area too.

More and new Simon Mills, he’s going to be prettying a bit next to the gallery soon too i hear.

There’s always got to be one name you forget when taking photos hasn’t there? Dammit. Really nice piece though.

These are very cool, of the De Beauvoir Estate in Hackney by ICB1(again with the numbers in the name!). Funny pieces, they’re small, but look better and more atmospheric from afar than close up. Reminded me of Xenz’s ‘Cities in the SKy’ pieces in a way.

For those of you still chasing down any Nick Walker piece you can lay your hands on, here’s a Vandal print for you. To think you could buy a hand sprayed canvas triptych of one of these for £150 for the set not three years ago. Bonkers.

This one had just been unwrapped, and was hard to get a good shot of through the glass, but a beautiful Mr Jago silk, one of the best i’ve seen. Doubt it will stay unsold for long…

Next to it, again through the window, a Flx piece in a totally different style from his other work. It’s of Fela Kuti, and the text behind it is the lyrics of his song ‘Water No Get Enemy’. It’s wicked, and to see the whole thing, you gotta go up there and see it for yourself.

So, there you have it. Cheba’s got some bits that will be there for the show apparently, a couple of stencil based pieces and a board, but they may not be dry yet as this is written.

This may also be the last show at the current Guerrilla Galleries, as the summer could see a change of venue. So, if you’ve not been along to check it out yet, then this show’s a great one to give you just that excuse.


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8 responses to “Guerrilla Galleries – May Show Preview

  1. Bilko

    Lookin’ good!
    I think this is going to be a great show with a seriously high standard of work… Looking forward to seeing the whole lot up on the walls. 🙂

  2. Ryan Walker

    This show was awesome, some really great work on display… If you didn’t make it, you really missed out… By the by, the Nick Walker print on display at Guerilla Galleries is on loan to Julian by myself. For anybody that is interested in it, please contact Julian for my details.



  3. Elizabeth Scammell

    I thought the pieces by ‘deadgirl’ were good but you haven’t mentioned them in your preview. Good to see a female doing street art.

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, it’s a preview rather than a catalogue, gotta leave something for people to go and see!

    Thought deadgirl pretty good too tho, on the list for next time

  5. show looked like a good’un 😉 nice blog on it….gonna come check the gallerie and bristol soon….

    • bristolgraffiti

      Thanks, Guerilla Galleries isn’t in that venue anymore though, so don’t rush! Do come and check out Bristol though.

      Seeding in blog comments on your first post is a little off though, no?

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