New Gloucester Road Works

Mentioned last Friday or so that there were more new pieces going up along the Gloucester Road at the moment, got a chance to check them out at the weekend.

This is pretty cool, an Andy Council piece on Paeckert Butchers (technically Cheltenham Road, just)

Head a bit further up the Gloucester Road, spin round and you’ll catch this big 45RPM owl quietly minding its own business

Bit further up and on the right this time, a big Ziml piece on the awesome veg emporium that is Alex’s Fruits.

and finally, Cheba gets the Pound Saver, pretty much opposite the big piece on the flyer i blogged last week.

Edit: And Song gets the other half of it, knew it wasn’t just Cheba!

Will keep you posted as and when more turn up!


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7 responses to “New Gloucester Road Works

  1. that last piece is done by me and song

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Cheers man, was wondering who the other half was, updated now…

  3. cord(tm)

    I was gonna say that last one looks like a Song collab.

  4. Craig

    I saw Mau mau and Cyclops starting a piece across the road from nine tree hill this afternoon. There is also a new piece next to the new ‘Jesters’ comedy club.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Ta for the tip, walked that way myself yesterday but didn’t spot anything, will go check out. Got the new jesters stuff at the time, just got a backlog of content at the moment!

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  7. Omega

    nice work guys.
    Just getting into street art and graffiti.
    Recently got the street sketchbook book, its brilliant.

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