PRSC Fundraiser – live painting

Should have blogged this before really, but sure those of you in Bristol would have heard about it anyway.

There’s a fundraising night on tonight for the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft project, down at (the new) Jesters on Cheltenham Road.

There’s going to be bands, fun, cavorting and general goodness, as well as some live painting and, i hear, an auction of some pieces too.

Wandered past earlier today, and bumped into Flx, who was painting the building next to Jesters along with Sepr, (i think) Soker, and others. Early stages when i saw it, but was looking like turning into a pretty cool piece already. Will go back and get a shot when it’s finished too…

This was a shot taken around 1pm ish, i think…

And these two must have been around half 2 or so…

It’s been needing to be done for ages this one…

Whilst i think of it, here’s the only piece of note that was done on this same wall, a Ghostboy from back in 2004, photo taken early 2005…

If you’re in the area tonight, head on down!

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