Sweet Toof, Rowdy, Cyclops and Pure Evil, The Flyer, Gloucester Road

Mentioned yesterday that the ‘Not A Penny’ show was going to leave some loveliness behind it in the area, and here’s the first part of it. A massive piece done a couple of days ago on the side of ‘The Flyer’ on Gloucester Road.

Here’s a long shot from across the road

Looks even better closer up…

Another angle, helped by the sun coming out.

Some detail for you, Rowdy, Cyclops and Sweet Toof

A crocodile stalking the city by Rowdy

Whilst Pure Evil brings this pearly king and a cat all the way from Shoreditch. ‘Live East, Die Young’, love it.

The piece extends up the lane a bit too, here are three Cyclops eyes

and i’m guessing a Sweet Toof or Cyclops head and teeth, this time with brain…

Apparently there could be more done to the piece, but the doods in the Flyer aren’t sure they want more doing. These guys are unstoppable though, someone’s bin across the road’s been hit by Cyclops and Sweet Toof. Another one for ebay?

There’s an old paste up opposite too, quite funny

But this bit, nothing to do with the other pieces and reasonably old, is funniest of all, ‘NO MORE INHERITETED WEALTH’. An apt message for May the 1st i guess, but dood, a dictionary’s not much more than a can of paint, and when used together, they can really add a certain something to your message…


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2 responses to “Sweet Toof, Rowdy, Cyclops and Pure Evil, The Flyer, Gloucester Road

  1. cord(tm)

    Drove down Gloucester Road today, scoped out a 45RPM Owl just by Somerfields and the Tech Guys. Dont know if its a new one but looked fresh, as Ceaz hasn’t tagged over it yet.

    Also saw the queue for the Not A Penny show, looked packed!

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