Fake Banksy in London

Following on from yesterday’s story, found this today on t’interweb. Now, i’m posting it here with the complete and utter disclaimer that it might all be a big hoax (about a hoax), but still, it’s funny, and if true, proves a point…

Apparently, according to the news, Banksy is backing Ken Livingstone in the London mayoral election this Thursday. Not sure how true that is, or how anyone could verify it either way, but there y’go, that’s politics.

So, as a joke, some students have sprayed Banksy rats around Clerkenwell with a new slogan on their sign, ‘Vote Ken’.

Long shot

The same day, the pavement gets ripped up and taken, presumably by collectors, who are now going to try to flog on a complete fake.

Hilarious, and just goes to show the problem with trying to buy or sell a ‘Street Banksy’. Caveat emptor huh? Perhaps we should preserve them where they are…


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6 responses to “Fake Banksy in London

  1. Those shoes are 7 kinds of awesome.

  2. ozz

    I’ll be looking for them shoes tomorrow night

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, not guilty! The photos were taken by someone else, though if you do see someone wearing shoes like that, you should probably ask them where they got them!

  4. banksy

    collecting banksy’s work is stupid, its public and political, not on sale, not for collectors, for everyone with an opinion

  5. bristolgraffiti

    It is for sale you know, he sells quite a lot of it, has done for years.

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