Path between the Fosseway and Saville Place, Clifton

There’s a funny little lane running between the Fosseway and Saville Place in Clifton, a prime spot for graf, and was sure i could remember some good stuff there, so went and checked it out the other day.

Sadly, seems i was either misremembering, or a lot of it’s gone now.

Still, for those of you that are fans of the randomness of ‘De Baron’, then there’s this…

‘Big up Isambard Kingdom Brunel’, i think we could all agree with that.

Also another of these odd little sets of symbols from back in the day (another one still there on Pro-Cathedral Lane as blogged before). Makes me think perhaps these walls haven’t been cleaned for a while.


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5 responses to “Path between the Fosseway and Saville Place, Clifton

  1. ozz

    does that set of symbols say SCRAWLER’S ?

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Hot damn, you know what, i think it might. 10 years i’ve been trying to work that out!

  3. cord(tm)

    De Baron is everywhere these days. What a legend.

    I’m quite intregued about this bloke though. Any history on the man? Often uses “Lewis De Baron” awell.

  4. Mei

    U R effin’ kidding me right!!! a quality Briz graff site and peeps r giving props to De Baron!??!!
    No doubt the last one is the sabbotager himself as only he would call himself a “legend” just 4 tagging in normal writing. This guy gives real artisits and Graff a bad image by tagging over others work, including the commissioned piece at Cameron Balloons and the piece on the side of Tap & Barrel Pub. Sure Brunel is a legend but De Baron is no where near.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Cool, well, only covered him here cos he’s a bit random and there was sod all else on this lane despite having trecked over to clifton to get photos there.

    Still, always after reader feedback on content, so will bear it in mind!

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