Glastonbury pieces over the years…

Meant to blog these at the end of last week, but the Nick Walker show got in the way. Anyway, really pleased to have these, sent over by Graham Paris, they’re some photos of TCF and Bristol related graf pieces done at Glastonbury Festival over the years, including a bit of Banksy that you may not have seen before.

First up are these two from the dance tent in 1997, titled ‘Devious-Nature’ and done by Banksy, Feek, Dicy, Paris, Ekoe & Inkie

Looks like it was a pretty huge piece…

The same gang came back to do the dance tent in 1998 too, remember these pieces being there at the time weirdly enough.

No title for this piece by the looks of things, but funny to see the onomatopoeia appearing again, like in so many other pieces done in Bristol round this time.

Bit small this photo, but 2001 saw a move to the cabaret field, with a piece called “Raiders of the Lost Art’ by Paris, Ekoe, Xenz, Ziml, Seza and Feek.

Remember this one well, and seen it on Flickr before too, Cafe Avalon in Glastonbury 2005, done by Ekoe, Feek, Aji and Paris

Wonder if the flying eyeball is a shout out to someone…

And there we have it, bit of a snapshot of history over time for you, really looking forward to seeing what this year’s festivals bring!

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