Xynthetic Show at Workshop

Told you there was backlog of content right now…

This actually happened a week ago last friday, on the 4th of April, but the photos from the night weren’t quite all they could have been, so nipped back to get some more.

The event was the launch of show three of the Carbon and Chemicals national tour by Xynthetic, a happy family featuring the likes of Sums, Mr Jago, Richt, and more recently 45rpm and China Mike. The show had already been to Middlesbrough and Nottingham, and was now stopping in at the Wonderful Workshop for its final leg.

Was pretty packed as ever, but managed to get some snaps on the night.

Here’s some of Sums’ work, no prices, cos he don’t really wanna sell these.

Couple of prints up top, couldn’t see the names past the headgear.

Richt et al in fine form.

Richt and Sums collaborative piece. Only £40, you’re ‘aving a laugh intcha?

‘One off test print’ – untitled, but Waste et al by the looks of it, academic really, sold before opening.

Very lovely Sums print in a unique colourway.

Waste’s work reminds me of someone, but can’t place who. Love it though.

‘Cross my heart and hope to die’.

All manner of awesome boards in the show too…

Here’s a closeup of a Richt board. Think it was called ‘self portrait’, though may have my notes of the night mixed up here.

A shot of the lovely people who’d come along for the opening. Not a large venue, and filled out really well.

A shot from outside. The dood in the foreground stood there poppin’ a west coast handsign at me for so long that i just had to take the photo before he got run over. God bless ya, random chap.

So here are some more leisurely snaps of what else is there. Some Jam Factory pieces, love ’em.

Gutted i didn’t spot these on the night, two Mr Jago skateboards..

…now both sold, dammit.

A board by Klingatron. For all it looks like a photo, that’s actually a four colour hand done stencil, seriously! Incredible skills.

Some photos at the end of the shop, Laura Thorne, Dave Canning, Lee Page and the whole Xyn family.

Finally another Sums piece, again unpriced, doubt it’s going to be allowed to go anywhere soon.

It’s a really wicked show, get yourself along there soon!

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