Paris, Milk, Glastonbury and a call for info

Someone emailed this blog yesterday asking if anyone knew what, if any, graf was going to be at Glastonbury Festival this year, and set in chain a whole series of cool events. More of the results later in the week, but in the meantime here’s an appeal for info.

Do you go to festivals over the summer? Do you know which ones have graf done for or as part of them? Are you going to be doing graf at a festival (commissioned or otherwise) this year?

If so, email us at bristolgraffiti AT and let us know. With your help, we might be able to put together a summer guide to graf at this year’s festivals, which would be quite cool, don’t you think?

To get you in the mood, here’s a contribution from Mr Graham Paris of the pieces he did with the good lady Milk at Glastonbury last year, in the new Park area for those that know it. Hopefully more of the same going on this year, to be confirmed…

Seems there was sun there last year then, for a bit at least.

That sky’s more like it. Makes the flags into a pretty cool background for the piece though, no?

Check the lack of mud at this stage too!

Can’t believe i missed these pieces when i was there. Well, actually, i can.

Really like this one, must have been a laugh to do too.

People using the rain shelters for their intended purpose, in more Glastonbury like surroundings. Sure i recognise that guy on the left, next to the representative from her Majesty’s finest.

Ice cream, the Glastonbury Sunday afternoon staple food.

And finally, these cracked me up, Wet Sshame wellies, shame they’re not covered in mud for the perfect irony really.

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