Commentary on the new Bath Buildings development

Said on Monday that there was something else to share with you all about the redevelopment of the Stokes Croft/Cheltenham Road area.

As people round there will know, and as covered here before, there’s a large new development going on by Bath Buildings, featuring eco homes, etc. Ghostboy’s already had his say on what he thinks of it, which didn’t seem to impress the developers much, as the stickers lasted but a few days.

So, a few weeks ago, the corner of the development site had its boards moved around, to make way for a new exciting showhome sales portakabin. Optimistic in the current housing climate i would have thought, and haven’t exactly seen queues outside it like for other developments of recent years.

But one good thing about the change around was the reappearance of the boards done by Sickboy there last year, albeit in a jumbled state.

Problem was, these boards weren’t shiny laminate like the other ones, meaning those dreadful local people could pretend to be that ‘Bansky’ chap and pass comment on this exciting new development with their dreadful graffiti. Again.

A close up for you

One of them even had the audacity to post a poster on the boards.

I mean, really.

So now, the Sickboy boards have been replaced with yet more shiny laminate. Hasn’t stopped the ongoing graf commentary mind, but does mean it doesn’t last as long.

Here’s a closeup of another stencil that was done right on the cabin itself. Quite beautiful in its own way.

As an amusing addition to this story, i nipped into that office the other day (you should have seen how excited they looked to see someone walk in off the street!) and somewhat mischievously asked where the boards had gone.

“Why?” they asked, to which i replied “Because they’d been painted by a highly celebrated London artist, a man tipped as the next Banksy no less”.

Judging by the look on their faces, I’m guessing they’ve chucked them…

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  1. Hah, you win so hard for that.

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