Nick Walker, another show, London

Old news this really, but not blogged here yet for various reasons, in part due to Mr Walker suddenly blowing up huge, and the stuff i thought i’d get to report consequently not coming together.

So, anyway, for those who don’t follow these things, there’s another Nick Walker show this Thursday, at Black Rat Press in London. Part of the ‘fun’ of these shows at the moment is the ridiculous clamour to get a print from the show, which many people then put straight on ebay for a profit, so sadly most of the prints don’t go to people who actually want and like them.

For this show, they’re releasing three prints, two online that day (which will sell out in less than a minute, i bet you) and one at the show, in an edition of 75. Rumour has it it’ll be a print of this piece, which, for those of you in Bristol, you can go and check out on the Triangle in Clifton, pretty much opposite the ‘Le Monde’ fish restaurant.

A close up of the butterfly. Someone did tell me that Nick Walker said that the pattern on the wings is actually letters spelling out a message, but i, like the person who told me, really can’t make it out if that is the case.

One of the man in the boat below.

One of my favourite Nick Walker pieces this. Go and check it out before this door hits ebay.

(It’s also the piece that he was photographed next to for the Independent on Sunday article earlier this year that some say helped his sudden rise to popularity)


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5 responses to “Nick Walker, another show, London

  1. cord(tm)

    Spotted that one a few months back (Jan) and there wasnt a boat on it then.

    Love his stuff. Detailed but quite simple.

  2. Pimpage: did you ever catch my Flickr set of the LA show he did? ( Brilliant stuff.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Nah, missed that, tried not to look too hard for LA show photos, partly as they’re not technically Bristol, but in reality cos of the deep burning jealousy from not having been there. So nearly got a flight you know…

    Cool set tho!

  4. Yeh, I didn’t really know how to spread them around so people could see them without putting them in the wrong places. Cheers for looking!

  5. Sus

    “CHAOS”. It’s written in the wings.

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