April’s new Jamaica Street Boards

It’s quite nice this isn’t it, the PRSC work on Jamaica Street is developing into quite a regular little feature.

Been redone again, presumably this weekend, and for an excellent cause (one that should have been blogged last week too annoyingly). There’s a real movement going on at the moment to save Stokes Croft. Not from the problems it’s had over the years, but from the developers in the name of regeneration.

It’s crazy, i doubt many people would think that Stokes Croft is perfect as it is, but did you know the Lakota, Blue Mountain and Clockwork are all under threat of being, or are actually going to be, turned into yet more flats.

Just as the housing market tanks.

With one bedroom new build flats falling in value first, furthest and fastest.


So, Bristol’s at risk of losing some of its oldest, best known and most popular clubs at the moment, instead of tackling the problems that the area actually has.  Unsurprisingly a large number of people, this blog very much included, are really unhappy about this. It’s amazing isn’t it, for a city world famous for an arts and culture scene, just how often people from outside of the scene enjoy boasting about it whilst simultaneously, and i suspect sometimes unwittingly, trying to bugger it right up.

There’s more info here, and if you want to get involved, email savestokescroft AT gmail.com

Here’s PRSC’s artistic contribution to it all.

Have got some more graf based comedy antics related to this for you tomorrow evening too…

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One response to “April’s new Jamaica Street Boards

  1. cord(tm)

    Clockwork is closing May 31st.
    Blue Mountain isnt sceduled to close for some years.
    Lakota being knocked down at the end of the year by the sounds of things.

    (from http://www.hijackbristol.co.uk)

    Shame really, cant see where another few clubs suited to this type of music could open.

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