New Paris and Milk piece

Got a tip off at the end of last week that a new legal piece was going to be painted on Monday and Tuesday by a whole load of Bristol artists, as part of a TV program on Bristol (and beyond) graf that’s being filmed at the moment.

So, on Tuesday evening headed down to Paintworks on the Bath Road, to check out the wall on the opposite side of the river. Was a little confused, and called the person who’d told me, but my initial thoughts on getting there were right, there wasn’t a massive collaborative piece, but a smaller piece by Paris and Milk.

It’s equally cool, and apparently there may be a bigger piece with more artists on it there in the near future, it’s certainly a top location. But for the moment, here’s the new piece and some other cool bits down there.

So here’s the piece from across the River, looking over Paintworks.

A short walk across the river and along the path, and came across this massive piece – ‘mortal kombat’.

Looking back over the river, really need to cover this place someday, the paint must be inches thick.

So here’s the Paris and Milk piece, as anyone who’s been down there knows, getting a good shot of these walls takes some serious stitching of photos, and there seemed no point in the fading evening light.

The sig was a little easier though…

…and for reference, here’s a close up of a ‘D’, best as could be done.

The piece reads in the other direction, but here’s the title.

A final shot looking back the other way.

So, whilst here though, thought i may as well get some shots of the Yaka, Sickboy and Ponk piece that was done a couple of years ago just along from the new piece. Here’s the Yaka end of it, survived well, apart from the obvious…

Further along here’s how the Sickboy piece is bearing up.

Better shot from front on.

You can spot that style a mile off.

And the last section…

Bit more tagged, but again lasting well.

Finally a bit further along, Sickboy’s lovingly decorated this door. Give it six months, it’ll be on ebay.


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2 responses to “New Paris and Milk piece

  1. What an absolute load of shite that paris thing is.

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