Weapon of Choice review – 45RPM and China Mike

So, back from this month’s Weapon of Choice. An awesome line up of artists, and, as it turned out, an awesome line up of DJs and acts, perhaps almost too awesome…

So, as ever, here’s the traditional blank ‘canvas’ shot at the start of the night.

China Mike’s up first, during an awesome dub act, DJ, MC and trumpet player, nothing more, worked really, really well.

45RPM steps up next, going high.

A nose shaped thing and a heart shaped thing…

Close up on the nose, China Mike filling in some detail.

Surprisingly quickly, the nose turns into a head, with ears and a gas mask, and the body emerges too.

The whole dog, and the heart shaped thing to the left taking on a new form.

China Mike fills in the Dog with a fat marker, again really fast.

The dog gets black ears, and 45rpm’s piece is now clearly an old skool hot air balloon.

45RPM fills in the detail on the balloon…

…whilst China Mike breaks out the brushes and paint.

The balloon pretty finished, 45RPM disappears for a bit whilst something grows from the dog’s back.

Glory be, it’s a tree!

45RPM steps back up with some of that damn fine What? Collective trademark style, curvy, dripping, filled and shaded, love it.

And like that’s not enough, out come the awesome letter forms.

Meanwhile China Mike cracks on with a piece coming out the dog’s foot.

Back up to the tree, and down for some more perfect circles, uncannily drawn totally freehand, really.

More tree detail goes on.

China Mike gets back to the foot piece, whilst 45RPM starts on some more awesome signage

Can y’tell what it is yet?

Sadly in a way, by this point, the night has gone crazy, everyone loving the DJ’s, dancing their fashionable socks off, and basically invading the stage. Kinda made getting photos difficult i’m afraid. Didn’t make painting any easier too.

Did get one though of 45RPM valiantly braving the hordes and getting a signature owl done.

Grabbed a shot of the previous letters more done too, a shout out to the night. Yes, that is a Cheo bee on there, Cheo having drawn a familiar owl on his piece last month…

So, well after midnight, i have to flee the carnage. A really cool night, but a different and slightly more edgy vibe from previous nights. Next up is Soker and, i think, Seza, though don’t quote me on that, it was all a bit manic.

Here’s a finished owl, an apt way to finish a very late night.

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One response to “Weapon of Choice review – 45RPM and China Mike

  1. emme

    where do things like this take place!? god the places we go are so lame-it would be amazing to go somewhere & see something like this take place first hand!

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