Banksy’s Bristol Book Launch at Cargo, London

You know, there’s just too much on at the moment, got a backlog a mile long, and it seems it’s now nearly a week since this event! Anyway, was an awesome night, so definitely worth reporting.

Last Thursday was the London launch of the ‘Banksy’s Bristol’ book, it having had a Bristol launch last December as covered here (damn i used to use a bad camera, and know less than i do now). The launch was down at Cargo in trendy Shoreditch, with live painting from Inkie, Cheba, Lokey and Cheo. Didn’t get down there for the start, due to being down in New Cross for the Mudwig show (of which more later).

When i did get there, was surprised to find legendary (now ex) Bristolian Ian Bone, accompanied by Ray Roughler Jones, singing a rousing rendition of their number one smash ‘John Bindon’. Go here for more info and to hear a version for yourself (unsurprisingly NSFW).

After that, on to the painting. Cheba was at one end, putting together this dood, a self portrait?

Next to him was Inkie, with what looked to be shaping up to be a really lovely piece.

Here’s a close up of her head in its early stages.

Then down from Mr Inkie, Lokey and Cheo were repeating their success at the last Weapon of Choice with a joint piece.

Cheo sorting the guy’s eyewear out with a fat marker.

Before Lokey gets down to some detail on his letters.

Meanwhile Inkie’s piece is coming on strong, love the gold on it.

Cheba’s dood starts to get eyes to see.

Before Cheo’s gets that badass beard and shaded cap. The bee’s come together now too.

Through all of this, the music had changed into something a little more fitting, with one of those ‘DJs’ the young people nowadays do love so much.

Cheba’s piece was moving faster than the others, and was getting pretty much done as the night started to draw in.

Quite a crowd there though, and a nice atmosphere too, not as pretentiously ‘London’ as other things i’ve been to before.

Of course, couldn’t go to Cargo without getting the obligatory shot of the Banksy there. One of my favourite Banksy images this one, remember it up in Clifton years ago now at the top of Pro-Cathedral lane, but sadly unprotected by a perspex screen, unlike this more fortunate version.

Inkie by now has moved onto flowers to go with the lovely lady, it’s a really special piece this one.

Cheba puts the final touches to his piece…

…and Lokey inks in some more letters.

Cheba’s finished piece, cool.

Inkie’s still working away though, despite his apparent lack of a head (that’s an umbrella it’s hidden behind, not clever camera trickery).

By now it was getting pretty late, a new night was starting, and a member of staff came and asked me if i was one of the painters (bless, as if!) cos if so i had to finish right now. After a brief pint, Inkie got back to it in double time.

Cheo and Lokey had finished by now, note the ‘Dirty Protest’ tag on the cap there, the only bit of stencilling done on the night.

After not too much longer, Inkie finished too, a really lovely piece, and as usual, being auctioned off along with the other pieces from the night for charity. Very cool.

So, a great night (hello to all the lovely people i met there) and the journey back to Bristol was pretty darn fun too!

If you haven’t bought the book yet by the way, then do.


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3 responses to “Banksy’s Bristol Book Launch at Cargo, London

  1. robbox

    Not so sure about inkie’s face on the woman, other than that it’s quite pretty.

  2. dont buy from dirty amazon, get it direct from the publisher! free P&P

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, fair enough! Was just grabbing an easy link, amended now…

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