Tell the New Bristol Chief Exec what you think

Noticed that the new Bristol City Council Chief Exec is currently taking part in an exercise with the BBC to look at photos of what people do and don’t like about the city, and the topic of graf’s come up.

On the news last night she seemed to mention graf as something that only detriments people’s quality of life, then stop herself short, so i thought the below might be a bit of fun.

I’m going to send the below out to everyone i can find in Bristol with an interest in graf, and would like you to do the same too if you would.

Bristol City Council now has a new Chief Executive, and BBC Bristol are currently running a project to send in photos to her of what people like and don’t like about Bristol. They’ll be taking her on a guided tour of the city based on the photos, and giving her copies of them all as well.

Obviously, the Council is in two minds about Bristol’s graffiti scene: on the one hand they keep Banksys; on the other, they remove other artists’ and writers’ work. A new Chief Executive could lead to a change of policy in the city so now’s your chance to support a policy that treats an internationally recognised graf scene properly.

So if you want to see the council begin to recognise the massive range of talent it has on its own doorstep, send the BBC a photo of your favourite bit of graf or street art in Bristol, maybe along with some comments on what it means to you and what you’d like the council to do about graf in the future.

You can email your pictures and comments to or if you’re on flickr, upload them to

For more information, see

Please forward this message on to other people who may be interested.

If enough people submit photos and comments pointing out what an amazing graf scene Bristol has, and how we’d like to keep some or all parts of it, then the council might start getting a the right idea on this.

Hell, we voted to save a Banksy, so why not now explain what we meant?

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