Banksy and Graf in Glastonbury

Not much again in central Glastonbury, it’s a different kind of counter culture going on there, and painting on walls doesn’t seem to align that well with chakras, or balance many zeros, or something.  I love Glastonbury dearly, but it does have it’s odder edges.

Anyway, back last summer a Banksy appeared in the town, around the time of the Festival, a fact presumably connected. Somewhere i’ve got photos of various Banksys at Glastonbury over the years, including (i think) some of the backstage signage he did with stencils.  Will dig them out.

Sadly, after not that long, the Banksy in the town itself was vandalised/painted over (depending on how you look at it), and saw it for the first time the other day.

This was it when in good condition


and this is it now.


The teddy and lunchbox are still just about there, for you desperate, tragic, crazy wall choppers…


But the oddest thing is that not only has it been painted over badly, but that people have been chipping out lumps of paint from it, presumably as souvenirs. Bonkers.


For those with a more general eye, the only other thing my trip turned up was this angel at the bottom of the Tor. Not stunning, but not badly done.


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