Two more shows

Told you there were lots of events coming up in the Bristol graf/street art/whatever scene at the moment.

Oddly enough, both of these ones happen on the same day, 3rd April, in the same city, London.

First up is a London launch for the ‘Banksy’s Bristol’ book, at Cargo in trendy Rivington Street, with more live painting, this time from Inkie, Cheo, Lokey and Cheba. Bit of an early one this, 5:30pm til 8pm, so plenty of time to get the train back westward if it’s a school night. Should be very good…

Opening on the same night, but running til the 26th of April, is a new show from Mudwig. This time down in New Cross, which warrants some sort of Carter USM pun, but i can’t think of one right now.  Not got times for this one, but unless there’s no big do on the 3rd for this one, then you should be able to do both in the same night. Awesome.


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One response to “Two more shows

  1. mush4brains

    2 great openings pity they have to be London

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