The new Jamaica Street piece, finished!

Blogged this before when it was halfway through, but now looking a lot more finished, here’s the new piece on Jamaica Street. Heard talk that it was a bit of a community project, a collaboration between artists and people new to it, certainly seems to be what it’s turned out as.

View of the whole piece. Very much ‘community art’ that i’ve gotta say often sets my teeth on edge a bit. You don’t ’empower communities through art’ or whatever, you ’empower communities’ by giving them the actual power and abilities to make things as they want them.


Odd though, inside and around the figures there are a load of little stencils, quite like this one…


and this one’s kinda comedy minimalist


These less so


And a whole load of stenciled title, reminiscent of the piece down the road by the bus station.



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2 responses to “The new Jamaica Street piece, finished!

  1. ozz

    Art & Power is an arts group working out of Spike Island. They are artists with special needs.
    (Well, different special needs to other artists đŸ˜‰ )

  2. H

    The artist credits:

    The stencil you title “kinda comedy minimalist” was by a friend of one of the art + power artists, who just happened to pass by while they were working.

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