Comedy ebay item

A mate of mine pointed this out the other day, an auction for a kids Ladybird book on ebay that had been altered to put a slightly different spin on policing. Apparently it was;

Cheekily left in the sale box of a local library. There’s some strange scribblings present too…

Here are a couple of pages from it, the ebay listing itself has photos of lots more of them, almost negating the point of buying it…



…except for the fact that, whilst the auction itself makes no reference to Banksy, the back of the book has apparently been stenciled with a Banksy tag.


Not sure what to make of it really, almost certainly not a Banksy, or at least not verifiable as one, (the ‘n’ and the ‘s’ look a little dodgy to me) but a funny idea and a cool thing to own nonetheless. Make of it what you will!


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6 responses to “Comedy ebay item

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  2. cord(tm)

    Did you notice that the 2nd Page says “Written By: Near’a South Yate”? Yate being the supposed birth place of Banksy.

    I agree, the stencil doesnt look right.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, that’s odd. John Berry was the original illustrator for this one though, and think the author’s name is a play on the original author’s name, Vera Southgate – but this book was actually first published in 1962 rather than 1974 like this one says. Couldn’t see a significance of 1974, Banksy was born in 1975 anyway.

  4. cord(tm)

    I think Banksy was born in 1974 actually.

    Contains a reference.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    How odd, Sotheby’s have him down as 1975 –

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