Weapon of Choice review

So, another Weapon of Choice tonight down at Mr Wolf’s, and fully reckon it was the best yet. Everyone was there, loads of live acts and MC’s alongside the usual hip hop playing, really felt like the graf and the music came together properly, just as it should be in Bristol, awesome.

Here’s some snaps for those as couldn’t make it…

As ever, the blank piece at the start of the night


After a bit of discussion, Cheo’s first up, whilst Lokey gets ready


Cheo starts rocking out this big head


and continues whilst Lokey gets started


Lokey’s work is more the stylised piece tonight


All starts taking shape


Few more stokes and the head takes on a personality


Hadn’t seen this before, Cheo slaps a little adapter on the paint pen to turn it into an airbrush


Cheo then heads across to the other side to draw another dood


Can really see it start coming together now


Working across the space, Lokey takes his work higher


Then starts bolding up those lines, really careful precision here that was cool to watch


Meanwhile the MC’s have started, this guy was really, really good, and brought his own crowd of admiring ladies down the front


Both get back to it


Cheo starts painting in the spaces with fat paint


Loved this, Cheo built in some props to another artist in the crowd tonight…


… a little owl, recognise it?


More paint pen airbrush action from Cheo


Doesn’t look like it’s heading towards the end, but it was getting late, and things were quieting down


So here’s the final shot, taken late, 1am or so, and think the piece had some way to go, but sad to report dear reader, i had to be off.


Awesome night though, just what these things should be.

Word has it the next one will be 45rpm painting alongside China Mike. Oh my gosh, awesome!


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4 responses to “Weapon of Choice review

  1. O shit, 45rpm vs China Mike? Better be true. That would be amazing.

  2. It took me a while to sus it out but the 2 heads are Cheo & Lokey, obviously, but Cheo’s portrait is looking happily upon the bee buzzin by his ear while Lokey’s portrait looks anything but happy to have a bee buzzin by his ear, an excellent touch.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Awesome, totally didn’t spot that at the time, to busy looking at the detail to see the bigger picture!

  4. mush4brains

    looks like a great night guys once again.

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