Some 3Dom bits…

This is definitely a blog, and a non profit venture, but have heard that 3Dom’s got a couple of pieces he’s looking to sell at the moment, and since i cover work for sale when it’s in a gallery, don’t see why i shouldn’t help out a self representing dood one time.

So, here they are, need selling this weekend to fund some imminent travelling, and they’re really nice signature pieces (big too, 50″ x 18″ or so on MDF). Drop me a line if you’re interested.

Go on, spend your weekend fantasizing about not being white and middle class by adorning your house with some cutting edge street art (hip hop CD not included).





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9 responses to “Some 3Dom bits…

  1. cat power

    at the end of the day, 3dom is just a mindless tagger.

  2. Bilko

    There is nothing ‘mindless’ about tagging.
    Inconsiderate and wreckless – sometimes, but not mindless. Tags are put there for a reason and have been thought about, making them far from mindless.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    I dunno, i think some tagging can be pretty mindless, or at least the only bit that’s been thought about is the decision to do something simple and obvious in as many places as possible, regardless of context or skill.

    I try not to cover tagging on this blog too much though, and 3Dom’s as far from being a mindless tagger as you can get. Check out the work he did on jamaica street that i covered here a few weeks back for a start.

  4. cat power

    i checked it out. looked like mindless tags to me. just bigger ones with more colours, and like tags it was illegible to 99.9% of the ‘audience’ and only painted in the first place to gratify his alter ego.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Wow, sounds like you’ve done a lot of research into him, who he is, what he thinks and the views of a statistical sample of Bristol concerning his work. Impressive.

  6. if you think graffiti is just big mindless tags, then what are you doing reading a blog on graffiti

  7. Bilko

    Bigger mindless tags???
    How can a pre-designed piece be ‘mindless’?

    A thought out production cannot be mindless. If you dont like it, fair enough… you are intitled to your opinion.

    But even a tag is not mindless – it is just not to your taste.

  8. cord(tm)

    Not really a thing as mindless graffiti in my opinion. From MOS to “De Baron 2009”, they all do it for a reason.

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