Richmond Road, Montpelier

Meant to blog this road a while back, but the light wasn’t great for photos. Still isn’t in a way (roll on summer) but glad i didn’t, as the quality of the art there has got even better since.

Starting from the bottom of the road…

A garage door, with this odd and i think old stencil on it


Just by it, this old Nike trainer, was someone trying to advertise stuff here?


Yet another of those heads, who’s doing them? They’ve got skills, whatever…


A little further up the road, the remains of an old paste up…


Little further up still, and someone’s really let some artists go to town on their walls. As ever, parked cars prevent a decent shot of the whole piece, but this is really, really nice.


A shot looking in the other direction.


Trying to get a wide shot, that stylised bee/wasp at the top is really well done.


Just up from this, still basically on the same wall, someone else has taken a slightly different tack. Not heard of ‘ebs’ before, and not sure they would be the artist to have tagged over their piece so oddly, but maybe. The whole lot seems unsigned otherwise.


Long shot looking down at the lot.


Further up still, there’s an old Cheba sticker still in place.


This is the piece that the light is just never right for, in the alley way running under the old hotel.


Signed ‘Tom and Tony it’s yours’ and ‘FLX 2550’. Very lovely.


Just opposite though is this odd comment. Wonder if they’re talking about the TCF? Someone’s tried to rub out the name anyway.

Local watering hole of legend, the Cadbury House has this lovely piece on its gates, by Sepr and ‘True’.


Over the way an old Cheba piece, one of the few left.


Another random ghost.


And another of these little doods, of which there are quite a few around this area, this time with a sage message for us all.


Further up an old skool stencil of the type you used to see a lot more a few years back. Seems the random stencils have stopped appearing to a degree.


And finally a lovely flower on someone’s gatepost, for once the light on this road made something look better!



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4 responses to “Richmond Road, Montpelier

  1. the faces are by yaka
    the blue pattern wall is by Ziml of tcf
    and the character with monocle and top hat is deadposh ie jeph.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Aaaaargh! I knew i’d seen those heads before somewhere else, ta dood! All makes sense now…

    Ta for the ziml and jeph notes too, swear i couldn’t see a sig on that blue wall, did look.

  3. cord(tm)

    Ded Posh is Jeph? Would make sence now! Hah.

    I was beginning to think this Killer Ghost was linked to Ded from the same kind of black paint and spray tech. But I doubt it. What you think?

    Also, Sticker/Paste up was by RAGH, a graphic design and dj set in Bristol.

  4. Joe

    I’m moving here next week! In fact, there was a piece on the door of the new gaff as well, but it’s a bit small & crappy, so it’ll have to go. The other stuff looks great, though.

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