Hampton Lane, Cotham

Wicked little lane this one, remember walking down it many times way back in the day and seeing the different graf there, there were Banksys round the corner, and it all seemed to be going on. So thought would take a wander down there to see what’s up at the moment.

Coming from the Cotham Hill end, you’re greeted by this little chap.


But then seemingly hit with a wall full of tagging. There is a fair bit, but there’s also work by people trying to do something other than talk about themselves.


Next up is a large dub, guessing by C’est Bon and possibly someone else. Tight.


A dub which goes over an angry looking freestyle head.


There’s some odd almost illustration style pieces along here too, this one’s ended up a bit of a mash up with an old tag.


These are more considered though, very odd.


Heart skipped a beat on this one, remember it from years ago (2000 or so at least), and have a much better photo of it somewhere that i’ve been looking at since and been unable to place. Well, here it is, some ‘Freaks’ aliens. Damn that takes me back…


Next to it, this piece. Don’t see much of this sort of style around anymore.


Now this must have taken a bit of work with different stencils and a good few hours of scalpel work.


Can’t have taken long, but a very good work…


Cute copper, coming your way.


Think i blogged one of these before, just off Pembroke Road. Charming. Fits better on this lane though.


Looks like a skater, but also looks unfinished. Busted before a detail layer went on?


Someone actually spent time cutting this out.


Again old, and pretty skilled.


Have blogged loads of these heads now, must put a name to a face someday.


Finally, some wonderfully instructive graf, could just be a plea from the owner against people parking outside, but made me smile anyway, especially if it isn’t.


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