Ghostboy on Cheltenham Road

Beind these boards on Cheltenham Road by Bath Buildings was an old garage. When the garage closed, it got colonised by the ‘Art Space Life Space‘ lot. When they got kicked out, and building work started, the boards got decorated as part of the early PRSC work (a large ‘AAGH‘ being one of the pieces there).

Then, seemingly because of this, the developers replaced the boards with shiny custom made ones with pictures of how amazing the ‘eco home’ development that’s allegedly going to be there will be. You know the score, lots of shots of young couples being happy, in a way that you only ever see in such photos, rather than, for example, in real life.

Being shiny and gloss finish, these boards have resisted most attempts at graf since, even a sprayed ‘we want art, this is boring’ plea. But today, noticed some stickers applied to them, which were comedic, apt and by Ghostboy.


Close up of the little tombstone legend…


Close up of the top left of the shot, seen these stickers before, up on the Golden Lion on Gloucester Road, dunno if they’re Ghostboy too…



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