Guerilla Galleries – the aftermath

Sorry for lack of posting over the last couple of days, various reasons, none bad.

Anyway, dropped in on Guerilla Galleries to see how the opening night of the show went. Quite comedy, beer bottles everywhere and a somewhat groggy owner, apparently the night was ace, and really rammed, causing various purchasers to stand guard over their pieces lest they get crushed in the throng!

Here’s the first of two Ghostboy pieces, as mentioned only done on the day of the show, and still wet when they arrived.  This is a nice big ‘hoochy cool girl’ if memory serves, quite an old Ghostboy image,not seen a new one for a while now.


This is another ‘toffs love claret’ original, bought as soon as the show opened.


Here’s a better shot of the Simon Mills work, like it, piece top right is kinda like Micallef to my mind.


The Dicy canvasses, the roses at the top sold straight away, cans and buildings still available i think.


This was the funniest bit though, the 45RPM owls had been decimated, many having flown the coop that night, and half of the rest of these orange dotted for collection by their new loving owners soon. Comedy.


By the way, spent yesterday with those students i mentioned who are doing a film project on Bristol, graf, Banksy and all that. They’re good blokes and genuinely interested, but have received a bit of a cold reception from some people in Bristol. Shame really, and interesting that it seems to be the ‘fans’ who are more aggressively disapproving of what they’re doing than the actual artists themselves. If you do want to help them out, give me a shout.

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One response to “Guerilla Galleries – the aftermath

  1. nice to see some pics up of the opening night at Guerilla. Went down there myself the next day to take some snaps whilst it’s all in one piece.
    those owls are flying out fast…..

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