Sneak preview – Guerilla Galleries new show!

The new show at Guerilla Galleries opens tomorrow night (28th), but this blog, somewhat pleasingly, has been given a sneak preview of what’s going to be there on the opening to share with you all.

It’s all being put up at the moment, and the place is closed until the show opening, so excuse the way some of the pieces are ‘displayed’ here, but my is there some tasty stuff there.

Cheo’s got the wall Inkie had on the opening night, lovely pieces, signature stuff, and the bee on the dood on the right is raised up in 3D.


Some more of the little Cheo corner pieces. There’s a free, very limited edition, Cheo t-shirt with each of these little triangular pieces too, which looks lovely.

Monster’s a guy i don’t think i’d heard of before, not a Bristol head, but rather from Cambridge. Really like his stuff, this is the biggest piece there…


…and there’s tons more of it too, currently propped against the crates of beer people other than me are going to be enjoying tomorrow, dammit!


This is stuff by Simon Mills, who, according to his biog, loves scribbling, cider and a couple of other things i forget. Comedy biog though. Really like those black smudge heads,  although i’m caught in the trap of ‘i could do that myself/yeah, but i didn’t think of it did i?’ that you sometimes get.


These are really well done, by an artist called Hine, pieces with names like ‘los sucios santos’ and ‘balula’. Clearly a very talented guy.


Here are some bits by Rowdy, a departure from his normal style, but very lovely. The grey one at the back is really ace, but you’d need a nice enough flat or house to hang it in to do it proper justice.


Now getting into the stuff that you may recognise more. Here’s a newish Ghostboy print, check the side of ‘The Bell’ in Jamaica Street to see it in paint. The original was at the 12 days of xmas show too.

Apparently a Ghostboy original done for this show was sold yesterday to some guy peering through the window, seeing it and calling up about it. So literally as i type, Ghostboy’s putting the finishing touches to some new bits for tomorrow night, after a day battling to find canvasses.


Said it before and i’ll say it again, you’d have to have a cold, cold heart not to have love for Dicy’s skills. A hugely under-recognised legend of the Bristol scene.


Imagine this will probably be sold by the time you get there, whenever that may be, an Andy Council original, framed, and looking awesome.


These aren’t going to hang around either, two Mr Jago pen and ink originals, very nice ones too.


And finally more from that cheeky chappy of the What? Collective, 45RPM. Some big owls and a turtle…


…and for those of you who missed out on them at the 12 days of xmas, a shed load more little owl canvasses.


Annoyingly, i’m probably not now going to be there for the opening due to a last minute, well, unexpectedness, but if someone reading this is going to be, and wants to write a review of it, then send it on in!

Enjoy it folks, this show is seriously good…

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