Sydenham Road, Bristol

Here’s Sydenham Road which runs off the lower end of Ninetree Hill / Stokes Croft, a road with some good stuff on it, some of it seemingly an extension of the PRSC work, other bits much older.

This is a really well known piece down at the Stokes Croft end, and could sort of be considered to be on Ninetree Hill in a way. It’s ‘in memory of Chris’, which i know nothing about, and the artists who did it is bugging me. Know who i want to say did it, but the names don’t quite match, so will hold fire on that for a mo. Feel free to confirm my suspicions in the comments though!


There’s a lot of Sepr on this road, here are some much improved garage doors.


Just along from that there’s a big old flower amongst tags.

There’s a set of hoardings covering some building work at the moment, ‘tagged’ as PRSC, and with a Sepr face at either end. Here’s the first.


Here’s the second…


…and here’s the middle of the boards, sadly pretty piled in building material now.


Down the other end of the road another flower, this time with shrooms. Can’t have been done yesterday to be below the ‘keep clear’ sign. Unless the sign was put up yesterday, and the paint was still wet. Even then, this photo wasn’t taken today, so it definitely can’t have been done yesterday. Moreover, chances are you might not read this ’til tomorrow,  by which time even the remotest chance of it being done yesterday will have gone right out of the window.

It’s like Time Team this innit, ‘cept different.


This i was most pleased to find though. There’s used to be a few of these around here years ago, 1998 might have been the earliest i saw one if memory serves. All gone now, so amazed to find this one still there. Not the best stencil ever, but stuck in my mind in those days for some reason.


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  1. rob

    The one with the skip in front was mine! Ko-See, the sofa shop sophistication was Awkward, Paris and FLX. Don’t ask me to explain the colourful cock!!! Found a similar style pic on a record to do with french scoutisme!!!

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