Interesting Banksy exhibition

Had spotted before that the Andipa Gallery has been busily buying all the Banksys they can get their hands on over the last few years, especially at auctions, and offering them for resale at a frightening markup.

Pleasingly though, it means there’s going to be a show in London starting in a few days time where 60 different pieces will be on show.

Shamelessly borrowed from the Guardian website, here are some pics of the more interesting bits that are going to be there.

This one’s listed as being called ‘Sharks’, but i swear it’s the one from the Severnshed show that was called ‘The painting that everyone says they want to buy but no-one ever does’. What a great title nowadays huh?


This is a pen and ink piece, ‘Underground terror tactics’.  Really nice, and interesting to see another angle on the tank with a speaker on top. Around 2000 or so a massive one of these, in more of a side view, used to be on Frogmore Street, under the now famous man hanging from the window. The mix of the tank with the sharks and barcode images is interesting too, lots of things that became different pieces placed together.


A CCTV camera on a ‘reclaimed’ roadsign. These are far and away the bits i used to enjoy the most, simple on colour stencils with a simple idea.


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