Cryptic Christmas Steps

Saw this odd message sprayed on the steps towards the top of the Christmas Steps the other day, don’t remember spotting it before, but then I’m not often down that way anyway.

It says, i think, ‘J911OB GET IT?’.


I didn’t get it when i first saw it, but whilst writing this blog i just have, and now regret even writing it.

It’s those tinfoil hatted conspiraloons again. Sorry.


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12 responses to “Cryptic Christmas Steps

  1. lee

    911 an inside job?

  2. That’s one crappy crossword!

  3. ozz

    oh…oh…and the 11 looks like two towers too ….

  4. You weren’t a big Roy Walker fan growing up then? Remember, say what you see.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, i see what they’ve done there, very clever. Or something.

    And was a bit of a fan of catchphrase back in the day, but my memories of it were since subsumed by Victor Lewis Smith’s take on it (NSFW)

  6. 3grooverider

    ‘watch latest editon in full’

    bit about PRSC was quite good

  7. Guys, you might have solved the dingbat, but I promise, you haven’t got it yet. Wake up!

  8. Dan

    Yes come on Bristol – Wake up!!, too what’s going on in the world and start getting the real message on the walls. 7/7 was a inside job as well.

  9. bristolgraffiti

    It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. It’s not like the government are going to give us grants to help us buy it now is it?

  10. Via Trym Tales:

    “Police have arrested 7 local teenagers in connection with a spate of graffiti in the Westbury on Trym and Henleaze areas.

    Their work seems to have been centred around the tag “9-11 inside job” which has appeared on walls, pavements and exchange boxes for public phones. The repair bill for their work runs into thousands of pounds.”

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