New bits on Stokes Croft

Remember a week or two ago, some of the work down on Stokes Croft was ineptly painted over, possibly by the council, possibly not. Well, in double quick time, some new work has gone up to replace it, and it’s not bad at all.

A nice big Rowdy crocodile threatens to eat the, erm, ‘sauna’.


Whilst on the other side is this odd but very well done Sepr piece, a reference to benefit cheats that made me smile (are the Chuckle Brothers really benefit cheats?). Odd that each person drawn is actually a bird in a costume, no idea why. Sepr’s turning into quite the artist in residence for this project isn’t he?



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3 responses to “New bits on Stokes Croft

  1. Nice Croc.

    Is it a legal wall or an abandoned property?

  2. ozz

    For benefit cheats think: Harry, Wills, Charlie, Liz and Phil.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Aha, get ya.

    And it’s an abandoned property from what I know, think the evening post reported a few years ago that the council was stumped as to who owned it and the one on the other side of the sauna, but had traced it as far as hong kong before the trail went cold.

    Think they’re under compulsory purchase order proceedings at the moment, and the PRSC stuff tends to be done with the approval of the council. Certainly the painting out of the previous pieces here caused some minor embarrassment and apologising from what i heard.

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