A million pound Banksy part 2

Yes, yes, i know, i’m getting sucked into this ridiculous Banksy headline nonsense, but like most media obsessions, it is kinda interesting.

You may remember before how there was talk of the Banksy on Portabello Road being sold for a potential £1m on ebay. Of course, this was just a clever marketing trick on the part of the seller, and it went for a fifth of that.

Well, the other day, a Banksy did nearly hit £1m, in a charidee sale organised by Bono et al. A mashup between Banksy and Damien Hirst, ‘Keep it Spotless’ sold for £950,300 ($1.8m at current rates). So, there’s now been a ‘million dollar Banksy’, and not long i guess for the million pound one (excepting of course that this was a charity auction where prices are generally higher, and this may all be a bubble in the market anyway).

If i were Mr Banks right now, i’d cast a tag in concrete weighing 453.592 metric tonnes and sell the thing on ebay to anyone who can collect. That really would be a ‘million pound Banksy’.

I’ll get me coat…

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