Magic and Voyder at the Golden Lion

If you’re at a loose end today, you could do worse than head up to the Golden Lion pub on the Gloucester Road (up by the Prison). Not only is the outside expertly decorated by those good gents behind the outside of Clockwork, but inside the pub, two of them, Magic and Voyder, currently have a little exhibition.

Here’s the poster for the show, on until the 8th of March


Some really nice pieces here, both have come along a lot in the last few years. This one’s Voyder.


Another Voyder, love the way the styles of this crew all complement one another.


Impossible to get a good photo of this one with the window directly behind, but it’s some Magic bees round a barrel of toxic waste. Interesting to see Magic’s still doing these 3d pieces on perspex.


Another Voyder, works well in that corner.


Voyder again, reminiscent of Dicy in a way.


‘Tunnel vision’ by Magic, love his round headed characters.


A stylised boot? A lady in a corset? Very nice piece either way.


More Magic work on perspex.


If you do get up there to see this show, don’t forget to check out the massive Richt work at the back of the pub, very special. This pub’s great.


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