Round St Augustine’s Parade

Wandering through the centre yesterday and found some good stuff.

Now, it’s not strictly graf, and the perpetrator almost certainly doesn’t consider it ‘art’ either, but for some reason this sort of thing always cracks me up, a fag butt stuck in the statue of the horse riding (presumably grey) friar.


It’s the earnest, workmanlike look on his face that makes it for me. Can almost imagine him saying “mornin’ guv’nor” and asking for a tea with 10 sugars.


Over the way from the statue have been these boards for a bit now, next to St Stephen’s Church (another one you must visit next open doors day, if just for the genuinely warm and lovely welcome of its congregation). Been meaning to get photos of them, but always been hurrying past, and hadn’t been feeling them too much either.

But yesterday, saw one of the boards has been gone over with a lovely big 45RPM owl. Love these things.


Owl with signature.


Anyone know who did this piece? The web address on the bottom of it doesn’t seem to exist.


Nice letter forms, not so sure about the faces. Not that i could do any better though!


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