Council graf video now up!

The Bristol City Council graffiti/tagging video is up at last on Youtube. I was planning on embedding it here for you, but they’ve bizarrely disabled embedding. And comments. And ratings. Good grief.

Luckily James Barlow’s sorted out an embeddable version of the first part, which has better tags on it and is looking more likely to be found through the Youtube search function than the council version too.

If the person who uploaded the video is reading this, you have kinda shot yourself in the foot with this whole process over the last few days you know. There are lots of friendly people out there who know how to use these websites effectively, ask around!

That said, I must confess i actually quite like what they’ve done in the video though. The message isn’t all anti graffiti, but is a more measured ‘don’t tag but do do decent quality (legal) pieces’. Lot of people with their heads screwed on well are interviewed, the only bit that drags for me is the police angle, which is as usual too formal and incongruous in tone.

I guess the oddest thing about the video is the difference in tone between some of the people interviewed, leaving it a little uncertain in places. Some people are pretty clearly saying they’d like to see more decent graf around the streets, whilst the council is more focussed on the notion of ‘legal’ walls, most likely those they designate. It’s an interesting tension, one i think the good people of this city (who, after all, are ultimately in charge of the council) could explore well.

Very interesting to put a face to a name with ‘dotcom’ as well…

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