Weapons of Choice – Inkie and Jago

So, finally got myself along to the Weapons of Choice night tonight, after last months ridiculous gale, and it was awesome. Mr Wolf’s is a surprisingly small venue for it, and the art crowd, both successful and ‘aspiring’ were definitely out in force for it, but Inkie and Mr Jago didn’t let us down.

Here’s the blank ‘canvas’, pregnant with anticipation, or, or something.


Inkie steps up first with his big fat marker.


Can you tell what it is yet?


Classic Inkie stylings, his girl figures are awesome.


I swear there wasn’t much of a gap between these photos, this guy works fast.


Seriously, this all went up in no time


By the time Mr Jago came back, Inkie had pretty much laid his whole piece out


The end of Inkie’s first round of work, looking pretty sweet already.


Next Mr Jago steps up to the plate


Working in paint with a brush rather than a marker, no mistaking his signature pieces going down here.


Disturbingly fine strokes, large hand movements with the brush only occasionally touching the ‘canvas’. Was thinking of making some pretentious jazz inspired comment about it being more about the spaces between the notes than the notes themselves, but i shall try not to. Sorry.


After a while a couple of clear Jago characters had emerged, whilst Inkie had been banging on strong with his side.


Jago steps back for a pint and to watch Inkie at work.


Inkie’s piece starts to dominate a little at this stage, very different speeds of working.


Inkie then steps over onto Jago’s side and rocks some more banner style bits.


Jago disappeared again for a bit.


So Inkie put in some smaller girl characters, which were kinda reminiscent of the small, often oddly named alien like creatures Jago does, at least for their size and context.


Throughout all of this some nice hip hop was playing out, until eventually this MC stepped up and gave us some chat. I thought he was ok, but the bar cleared a little, as people went for a fag. Think the painting was the main attraction to be honest, had been mad busy before this.


Cleared enough to get a detail photo of Jago’s side, which was nice.


True collaborative piece this. Once the MC had finished and people had returned, Jago stepped across to Inkie’s side. Seems like a contrast from the Andy Council and Flx approach of last month.


Not to be outdone, Inkie crosses over to Jago’s side, very cool to see two artists really working together closely on one piece.


By now Jago was putting in some lovely highlighting and detail here and there.


The piece is really beginning to take shape now.


And here’s what looked like the finished article. May have been some more little highlighting going on after this, but seemed like it was largely finished, and, it being a school night, i had to head off…


Properly wicked night though, if you haven’t been yet, you should!


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8 responses to “Weapons of Choice – Inkie and Jago

  1. ha, i see a what shout out top right

  2. Great review of the night. Two great artists ripping it up. Unfortunately clashed with something else so couldn’t make it down.
    Any information last night on who’s up next?

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, i wondered if that was a what reference there at the time, guess Richt’s presence was being acknowledged!

    No news last night that i heard on who’s up next, will post as soon as i find out…

  4. It was a great night… and next time its Cheo v Lokey which will also be very cool

  5. Gav

    Sick, them boys killed it, as per usual!

  6. Rob

    awesome. Mr Jago I love your work! (with credit to inkie too)

  7. Ryan

    Gutted that i missed the show… Gonna be keeping my eyes on the ‘Weapon of Choice’ myspace page from now on,


  8. Andy

    I am now the proud owner of this awesome piece, Currently at the framers now………

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