Some updates…

Been a couple of further developments on stories reported here previously which i thought i’d share with you, as fact into doubt won’t go.

First of all, ‘Bristol graf DVD’ facebook group has now been setup, for those of you on facebook, you can find it at – . Only three members at the time of writing, but seems like they’re interested in a real debate on this topic, so if you’ve got views on graffiti in bristol, go over there and have your say!

Second, have had some more information from Chris at PRSC on the ‘Tridios Bank’ piece that was up until yesterday.


Chris has already left some info in the comments, but in essence, the piece was done without Tridios’s knowledge, and a photo of it sent to them along with the open letter below to encourage them to move down to Stokes Croft and get more involved with supporting the community there.

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

Please excuse the abrupt nature of this approach, but I should like to draw your attention to a piece of work that we have put up in Stokes Croft in the last few days. It is effectively an open letter to yourselves to invite you to consider the merits of becoming involved in an area of the City where you could genuinely make a difference, where the potential for an alternative vision is manifest. I had occasion to visit your offices on the Downs, and was genuinely surprised to find that your UK head office would appear to be located in an ivory tower.

Stokes Croft is an amazing place, vibrant, multi-cultural, beset with social problems, and lacking inward investment. At present, the property developers are at the gates of Stokes Croft, and before we know it, arguably Bristol’s most productive cultural area will become just another area full of gated communities, and will be subsumed by the horror that is the new Broadmead…

Perhaps you might consider a visit to the area… I should be happy tomake you a cup of tea in my studios, and to discuss the possibility of projects that could be of mutual benefit. I am,

Yours Faithfully,

Chris Chalkley

The piece has attracted a good deal of controversy, but its motives were anything but corporate or selling out!

One side thing that really interested me about this piece was that apparently it was, like others round Stokes Croft now, done using a projector, projecting the image onto the wall and drawing around it, which is why it looked so professional.They’ve got some serious kit involved in beautifying Stokes Croft at the moment, pretty much the only limitation on what can be achieved is imagination, which is a pretty good situation to be in. If you want to get involved, get in touch with them!


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2 responses to “Some updates…

  1. Zoe

    Have you seen the Graf DVD yet? No sign off it on YouTube and I don’t have a fackbook account, so no clue if it available there.

    Were talking about it over on the Bristol graffiti & street art over on Flickr if you want to join in.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Issues with the file size apparently, should be up tomorrow (probably having to chop it up). Ta for flickr link, never been much of a flickr fan, but may swing by…

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