Bristol City Council on graffiti…

Mr KRS has spotted this press release on the council’s website, apparently a new DVD is being published by the council to encourage the young people of Bristol to stop doing illegal graffiti. As the release says;

“The DVD aims to stimulate discussion about graffiti, increase respect for their local environment and educate young people about the effect getting caught can have on their lives.  It will also show them how participating in legal street art is a much better alternative to this illegal activity.”

This blog’s all in favour of promoting discussion on this area, but i’d be interested to see how they can show how participating in legal street art if better than illegal activity. Perhaps if they council believed this it would have left the work alone on stokes croft?  One of the main arguments for it being better in the press release seems to be the fact that it’s not illegal, which is a little too circular an argument to my mind.

Anyway, the release says the video is on youtube, but unsurprisingly it’s not, but will keep an eye out for it. The release also says there’s a facebook group you can join, but actually it’s just a profile you can become friends with.

So, not the best start to promoting the campaign then. Will be interested to see what else happens.


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5 responses to “Bristol City Council on graffiti…

  1. Just on a purely non opinion basis – they’ll never have a valid point in discouraging illegal graffiti because they separate Banksy’s work from everyone else’s. You can’t treat one piece of illegal graf as the next big money tourist attraction and then everything else gets demonised and painted over. Either they start drawing up a more pro-graffiti/street art point of view, or they get the emulsion out and wipe Banksy out from the streets along with everyone else.

    And likewise, they’d be promoting Stokes Croft and legalising more walls in the city if they truly wanted to discourage illegal painting in favour of pre-approved spots. As per usual, it’s a half assed solution by people who haven’t got the first clue.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Is a quandary for them isn’t it, but think you’ve got a point. At least Spud Murphy was consistent in his zero tolerance approach to the Park Street Banksy, if, in my view, wrong.

    Have got ideas for how they could square this circle, but think it needs a bigger debate about these things. Wonder what they’ll make of Nick Walker’s pieces now he’s selling for tens of thousands at Bonhams too…

    Will your auction value determine what and where you can paint?

  3. It’s a complex equation… something like: “proper” sales x media coverage +endorsement by celebrities – actual arrests = worth keeping.

    I’m still trying to work out how to put across what I believe should be law. The good thing is that people are at least talking about the issue.

  4. sam

    It’s on Youtube now I just watched it

  5. Laura

    Re the facebook group – it is on there – you just need to search under groups rather than profiles – ‘bristol graff dvd’. Or if you get to the profile page just click on the link to the group at the bottom. thanks

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