A day in the sun on Jamaica Street…

Had a bit of a fun day today, as was invited along to photograph a new piece going up on Jamaica Street as part of the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft project.

This piece was to replace the somewhat controversial ‘Tridios bank’ piece that was covered on this blog a short while ago, and will be covered again, as all was not what it seemed with that. So today, bringing some more traditional graf stylings to the wall were 3Dom and Deltron, two of the guys behind such Bristol graf landmarks as the Clockwork nightclub on Stokes Croft, and the Golden Lion pub up the Gloucester Road.

So here was the wall before it all got started, some of the Tridios bits had been painted out, but not all of them, so rather than remove the lot, the artists just painted right over them.


Bit of a last minute thing this, Deltron had managed to put together a quick sketch for it, but usually weeks of planning can go into pieces like this.


Marking out the piece, damn that morning light and its shadows…


As will become clearer, 3Dom on the left, putting in some clouds, Deltron on the right.


The letters start to get sketched in a bit…


…and some more.


Can see the 3D look appearing on 3Dom’s piece already.


Close up of 3Dom at work, those lines were tight.


Deltron going over the outlines again after some filling in.


Close up of 3Dom’s piece as it starts to come together.


Long shot of the two, Deltron’s work reminds me of Xenz a little.


3Dom prettying up the O.


Just after the light got better, it got worse again. Can’t wait to get photographing under the high summer sun.


Deltron’s is really taking shape now.


A can’s eye view, enough different shades went into this piece, seriously.


3Dom working on the M, Deltron shading away.


Watching this bit come together was awesome, didn’t spot the pink rod running through the M til it was nearly done, tidy.


Still growing.


I thought it looked pretty sweet by now, but there was much more to come.


Couple of crew tags by 3Dom, ‘Keep Yourself Strong’ and the humbly named ‘Just Another Crew’


There’d been discussion of putting inspiring slogans on pieces earlier on, so 3Dom popped in this, the rest of it below is ‘…how little we know’.


Deltron finishes off his piece whilst 3Dom pops down the boards to cover the next bit.


Had been a quandary this, what to put on the other half of the boards. Another artist had been pencilled in for it today, but couldn’t make it unfortunately, so after a bit of discussion, 3Dom decides to go for a little character, an ‘Angry Pacman’.

The teeth go in.


Eyes that he might see.


A pretty scary Pacman at this stage.


Beard and tears, and a little highlighting.


Love the drop shadow on the question mark.


To join them up, 3Dom rocks a line between the two pieces freehand.


Photographing of the next few stages got lost a bit sadly, by the time i’d got some more, these globes had appeared. The moment a horse drawn carriage randomly rambled past us seem appropriate to take some more.


Close up of Deltron’s piece.


and the same for 3Dom.


The finished end of the right hand side.


and a view of the whole piece when finished.


I’d really recommend getting down to check this one out, should be there for the next few weeks before getting replaced again (this was the 11th piece on these boards so far apparently).

You know what the coolest thing about today was, apart from watching some great graf artists at work? It was the fact that so many people walked past us, stopping to take photographs and pass comment. And you know what, every single person (apart from one rather inebriated guy) said they absolutely loved it, and loved the art work going on round stokes croft generally.

Think what you will about graffiti and street art, but the fact seems to be that the people who actually use this area love what’s being done, support it and want to see more of it.

You’d perhaps expect me to be biased on this one, but i was genuinely amazed at the number of people that stopped to be supportive, even drivers driving past beeped their horns and gave us the thumbs up.  I really hope that message of support filters through to the places that matter.

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