Graf in Bath

Occasionally get traffic to this blog from people searching for ‘Bath Banksy’, so thought Bath may be worth a mention. Have to say, never saw a Banksy in Bath, but never went there much back in the day, and imagine the council are pretty fastidious about graf on their precious georgian vista. Fair enough in a way.

Anyway, here are the only two bits I’ve ever spotted down the road in Bath, both from a while ago.

This one was (maybe still is) under the bridge that carries Rossiter Road over the canal, from February 2006. A Magic head, in case you hadn’t spotted. Quite a nice one too.


This one is still i think on the wall of a door alcove on John Street, just up towards the auction house on the other side from the Salamander pub.


Perhaps if you’re not doing anything this weekend you could take a trip to Bath, see if they’ve got some of that awesome cheese, beer and chilli soup at the Salamander, check out this stencil, and see if there’s any more graf round Bath. If there is then let me know!

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