Dean Street, St Pauls

Just a couple of bits here at the moment, will have been loads more voer the years, but it seems various repaintings (not with the council’s comedy black tar paint) have left the place fairly free 0f graf traces.

At the end there’s this C’est Bon piece, not sure of the ’22’ reference, but would be interested to find out. If you look just above the sign, you can just make out another of those running globes featured on this blog before, they’re not old so that’s some pretty swift (and ineffective) painting out.


Slightly down towards Ashley Road is this sweet toof piece, guessing it’s all done in one hand. Next to it, another ghost like figure.


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One response to “Dean Street, St Pauls

  1. cord(tm)

    The 22 is a crew. Forgot who’s in it, but I’ve seen it in a load of places though.

    Always written in the same way, sometimes with or without the circle.

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