Bonhams contemporary art auction – the results!

So, as mentioned on this blog before, today was the day of the latest round of ‘urban’ art auctions at Bonhams.

Interesting results, lots of Banksys sold, prints as well as originals, which didn’t used to happen much.

Think whoever got this for £82k (plus premium) got a bargain from a Banksy history point of view, this stencil was hardly used apart from for much of the backstage signage at Glastonbury 2000 (or was it ’99?). I personally think his plain black stencil stuff is where he possibly was strongest, it’s certainly still what hits me the most (that and the early free hand pieces that you never see anymore). If he is worth this much, then this one was worth more.


Whoever got this one (for £44k plus premium) got an even bigger steal, this stencil was one of the most interesting Bristol related ones, and I’ve not seen one on sale before. Doubt i will again for a while. If he is worth this much, then utter bargain. Putting it in context though, guess he may not be in the long run, so I’d still probably rather have a deposit on a house.


Biggest surprise though was Nick Walker, with this canvas, only sold last year and similar ones still viewable on his website, selling for £45k plus premium. Now, there are cynics who say that given his L.A. show’s just started, someone could have had an interest in bidding high for this piece to create more buzz for the show, but i dunno. Pretty sure the Bristol Evening Post will now be chasing round people who have a Nick Walker comment or story either way. Good on the man though, been a long time coming.



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2 responses to “Bonhams contemporary art auction – the results!

  1. I was there and it was really strange being in those uberposh / rich surroundings with all that street art. Nick was very popular his morning after print was guided at £400 – £600 but achieved £4500, nearly everything went for at least twice the guide prices wether it was signed or not except the Keith Haring’s which in general stayed within the guides no doubt this is due to his work being widely known for many years now.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Cool, must have been fun. Wouldn’t be too impressed with guide prices being broken though, the auction houses deliberately set them stupidly low to ‘encourage bidding’. Often it doesn’t really work, as everyone in the know knows the value. Still, helps the artist look impressive in the media though. Remember that Banksy in the Bonhams sale last spring (or was it feb) that had a ‘guide price’ of £10-20k ish and went for £288k? Deliberate ploy on the part of bonhams.

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