Stokes Croft, PRSC stuff starts to go…

Saw a piece down Stokes Croft, originally part of the PRSC thing, had been blacked over a few days ago. Half wondered if it was a deliberate to re-do of the wall, but the paint looked oddly thick and black.

So yeah, turns out the piece had been blacked out by the council. Here’s what it was before, with unfortunately unasked last minute credit to Mr Iyers.


And here’s what it was today, someone’s gone over the council’s paint with a question.



Last i heard the council had applied for a compulsory purchase order on these buildings, but i haven’t heard it had been successful. Doesn’t the council support the PRSC project? This could start getting interesting, couldn’t it?


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7 responses to “Stokes Croft, PRSC stuff starts to go…

  1. thebristolblogger

    Typical of the jobsworth philistines. Perhaps we should paint over some of their murals and see how they like it?

  2. bergerac

    i’m struggling with this one. Stokes Croft has looked like the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the mid 70s for about 20 years-and the moment some of the locals try to improve things a bit Bristol City Council breaks open a new vat of matt black paint and restores the previously shit vista.

    I guess it must be policy

  3. iyers

    Thanks for the picture credit!

  4. bristolgraffiti

    No problem, would have asked had i time!

    And yeah, it does seem like a pretty odd council policy. My guess would be it’s a lack of communication, and the guys paid to go round painting this stuff out have been fed on a diet of ‘zero tolerance’, as if such a policy works, especially in this context…

  5. and the council did such a shit job painting over Motorboy’s piece but congratulations to Chris of the PRSC in pointing this out to everyone.

  6. PRSC

    I was extremely surprised when this piece was covered over. At present, it seems that it was a council contractor who did the dirty deed. The council has not ‘fessed up yet, and it seems unlikely that they will, but it appears they are highly embarrassed by the incident. The Council is tied in to rubbish graffiti removal contracts with sita and Nordic, and it seems that there is now confusion as to what is to be kept and what is to be removed. Dialogue with the Council has been geared towards wresting control of the graffiti removal from these people, so that we can evolve the notion of Stokes Croft as a gallery, which is effectively already a reality…

    I think that the reason that this work was removed is that, to the untrained eye, this piece appears a bit scruffy, a bit like a tag… It was probably the actions of one crew, having a bad day…
    (And check out how poorly it has been painted out…)

    I think it is fine for it to remain as i is for a bit, as a reminder of how the Council often behaves in a shockingly poor way, ostensibly on our behalf…

    Never fear, there are plans for a new piece…


  7. Jon

    Not that great really though – and who is it that is ‘eating the culture’. Is this part of the culture that has been eaten? If so then it has got what it wants. The Council Vandalism logo is a better work in a way as it is ‘anti art’, which makes you wonder what was there to start with. Another result!

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