Jamaica Street, PRSC sponsorship?

Got myself over to Jamaica Street a few weeks back to record it (of which more later), and then yesterday found one of the biggest boards there, frequently recycled with images by the PRSC project, has now been covered with a big Tridios Bank advert.

Sponsorship for the project no doubt, and i can’t imagine anyone will be screaming ‘sell out’, as Tridios are generally seen as a good thing, rather than being corporate, a subject i wouldn’t want to comment on.

Seems an odder way of raising money though taking up a space previously used for art and converting it to advertising. Always thought with things as they are at the moment, they would have been better chopping out the art done on a semi regular basis, selling it, and putting up more.



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6 responses to “Jamaica Street, PRSC sponsorship?

  1. Ed

    it’s advertising. end of story.

  2. I helped the PRSC with this and the idea behind it was to embarrass Tridoios bank out of its Clifton ivory tower and to put it money where its mouth is and get involved in the community in a very real way and have its head offices in Stokes croft instead of BS8.
    The PRSC received no funding for this wonderful subversive corporate looking street art.
    I think its funny

  3. Bilkoe

    Guerilla galleries – im glad you posted that bit of info there. I havent spoken to the PRSC lot for a while now and i must say that this piece confused me. I thought it was a message for the people of bristol to come and join tridos and prsc as a collective – a real advert in place of where a public art piece could/should have been. It just looks too coorporate for my liking, even with the irony…
    Thanks for clearing it up.
    I hope the wall returns to the artists rota again soon…

  4. bristolgraffiti

    That piece makes more sense with that explanation, but still, everyone i know just thinks PRSC has sold out for money and thinks the less of it, so possibly worth explaining what’s going on there a little better.

    Not sure how clifton is an ‘ivory tower’ and stokes croft is ‘the community’ either. There are good people in clifton doing good work, and there are complete spongers in deepest st paul’s doing nothing. Surely an organisation should be judged on its activities, not its location?

  5. PRSC

    This piece was deliberately designed to look totally corporate. It is effectively an open letter to Triodos. They knew nothing of its conception or implementation, and no money changed hands…

    Big money is presently in the process of carving up Stokes Croft. Triodos are an ethical bank whose hq is in Bristol. It is currently located on the Downs in a big mansion, which is a bit like an ivory tower… The mural is an invitation to the Bank to think about getting involved, as it presently looks as if the Council has no funding whatsoever for social projects, the Arts Council is drawing in its horns… and if we are to break the impasse over the Carriage works and Westmoreland House, without it becoming a massive housing project, then we are going to have to find clever ways of sourcing finance…

    In conversation with Triodos’ Marketing manager today, I got the distinct impression that Triodos do feel that their present premises are inappropriate to their outlook, particularly since much of their business is with organisations in the inner city. However, I also got the impression that they are in no hurry to move.. One of the reasons that I felt that Triodos might be up for some gentle suggestion is that the already have worked with final year Architecture Students at UWE on possible options for the Carriageworks. They have also had talks with the Cube about financing the purchase of the cinema, thereby securing its future. Thus far, there has been no action…

    I hope this clears up a few things…

    Chris Chalkley

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